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From Inception Through Operation

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Diligent Physician Advocates

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Dedicated to Serving Patients

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With a Proven Record of Success

Welcome to Frontier Healthcare:
Your Surgery Center Partner

Frontier Healthcare is a leading developer and manager of Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs). The largest Ambulatory Endoscopy Center (AEC) management company in New York, Frontier was founded with the mission of enabling our surgery center physician partners to maintain autonomy, improve their earning potential and better serve their patients in the changing healthcare landscape. We guide physicians from an ASC’s inception through its successful operation and strategic management.  With our roots in New York, one of the most complex and challenging ASC regulatory environments, we have a proven record of success in developing industry leading Article 28 centers.

Diligent Advocates for our ASC Physicians

As much as we are developers and managers of advanced ambulatory surgical centers, we are physician advocates.  We have over 150 physician partners across 10 open centers, 15 including those under development, performing over 125,000 procedures annually. Our physician partners depend on us to help them achieve their goal of delivering the highest level of patient care in a state-of-the-art environment, while simultaneously improving financial results and ensuring the long-term viability of their practices.

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Frontier Healthcare is a leading developer and manager of Article 28 Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) and other outpatient medical facilities.
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Frontier Healthcare marshals development and management capabilities that we tailor for the unique needs of each project and each set of partners.
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